Sports camp menu


We can arrange special Bento (lunch box) for your lunch.
Delivering hot meal including Miso soup and rice can also be arranged.
Tell us your budget and we will offer best we can.
Large-size jugs available on request.


Dining hall


You can change your dinner to BBQ plan. Roofed BBQ area is available, so no worries about rain.

Banquet plan

Dinner can be arranged to meet your budget. Please tell us your budget and preferences.
Athletes need protein-rich, high-carbohydrate diet together with lots of vegetables. Keeping it in our mind, we provide you with good meals during your sports camp.

Vegetables used for sports camp menu are mainly seasonal thus fresh and good for physical conditioning. We always want to make your training camp successful by what we can do.

Local food of Oita will be included in your menu. Deep fried chicken, dumpling soup, and more! Your dinner can be changed to BBQ or meat dishes on your request.

For inquiries, call or email us at following;

Reception: 7:00 - 21:00