How to get to the hotel

By train 3 min. walk from JR Mie-machi station
45 min. train ride from JR Oita station to JR Mie-machi station
Transportation can be arranged upon request
By car 10 min. from Chitose exit on Naka-Kyushu motorway
40 min. from the centre of Oita city
90 min. from the Oita airport
30 min. from Oita Miyagawauchi exit on Higashi-Kyushu motorway
40 min. from Usuki exit on Higashi-Kyushu motorway
Car park for 60 cars (Bus parking can be arranged)

Area Information

  1. Supermarket

  2. Convenient store (Lawson)

  3. Convenient store (7-Eleven)

Restaurants & Bars

All restaurants are members of Restaurant Union of the city.
You can book any of them through us.
HIgh-street is just a few min. walk from the hotel

Restaurant SUEHIRO 0974-22-3328
SAKAE-SUSHI 0974-22-0193
Japanese Dining - NISHIMURA 0974-22-2415
Izakaya bar - HANA 0974-22-0343
Yakitori (grilled chicken) -SAKURA 0974-22-3839
Yakitori (grilled chicken) - KOGORO 0974-22-3316
TANTO 0974-22-1818
Diner - DAIGORO 0974-22-0307
TAMAKIYA 0974-22-0309
Diner - HIRAO 0974-22-0413

City Hall

Access 3 min. drive from the hotel

Event Hall (Eitopia Ono)

Access 3 min. drive from the hotel

For inquiries, call or email us at following;

Reception: 7:00 - 21:00